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tru_calling330 [userpic]

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March 30th, 2007 (02:55 pm)

I noticed there's still Take That tickets for Belfast, and they're standing ones. Messaged Stacey who said she's up for that but will need to wait until her student loan comes in. So if there's still tickets by April 16th, we're off to Belfast.

I was working last night. Nights are so stressful. I was totally freaking out about not getting stuff done which only got worse when I remembered we now need to remove every phone/ipod etc from behind the counter incase we get broken into (other local stores did recently) and then I need to put 2 metal bars into each drawer (36 bars in total) then crawl around on the floor padlocking them. Oh it's a wonderful task. So I hardly got anything done. Top of my list was "change games charts". There's 12 of them! PS2, PS2 cheap chart, PSP, PSP cheap chart, PS3, GBA, GBA cheap chart, NDS, NDS cheap chart, Xbox 360, Xbox 360 cheap chart, Nintendo Wii, PC. Damn those cheap charts. They just APPEARED one day. Grr.

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